Kings Engineer Bulletin Issue 1

King's Engineer Bulletin Issue 1 is available here to download



Kings Engineer Bulletin Issue 1
posted: October 30 2016

The 1st issue of the all-new, digital-only King's Engineer Bulletin, KCLEA's newsletter, has been published. It is distributed by email to all King's Engineers. King's Engineer Bulletin Issue 1 is available here to download (PDF).

King's Engineer Issue 9
posted: October 01 2014

The 9th issue of King's Engineer, KCLEA's newsletter, has been published. It is distributed with In Touch, the College's Alumni magazine. If you don't receive In Touch, contact the Alumni Office now to have your address added to their mailing list. King's Engineer 9 is available here to download (PDF).

KCLEA History Project
posted: June 17 2014

KCLEA wants to recognise and celebrate the many achievements of King’s engineers. As you know, KCLEA’s past president W.O. Skeat documented the history of engineering at King’s up to 1957, and we are now beginning the task of extending our history to the present day. Many of you brought your memories and memorabilia to our Celebration Lunch last year and this is a small start but we wish to formalise and extend the search.

We are asking for your help, by recalling your time at King’s and sharing the most memorable moments with us. Please take a few minutes to answer our questionnaire, so that we can incorporate your experiences into the next chapter of the history of KCLEA.

Click here to complete the questionnaire

13 Club Trophy Awarded to Peter Gould
posted: April 29 2013

13 Club Trophy presented to Peter Gould by Mike Clode

13 Club Trophy presented to Peter Gould by (outgoing President) Mike Clode

KCES Dinner Menu cards
posted: April 25 2013

KCLEA are assembling a collection of copies of the KCES dinner menu cards illustrated by Fougasse (C K Bird, a King’s Engineer). If any member has, or knows the whereabouts of, any of the menus, particularly those for the dinners in 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1919, 1920, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1938, 1939, 1945 and 1964 could they please contact Keith Newton, Events Secretary.

KCLEA Announce Engineers' Day
posted: October 26 2012

To mark the closure of the Division of Engineering, the KCLEA are holding a Day of Celebration to commemorate the achievements of Engineering at King's and Engineering Alumni. Engineers' Day will be held on 7 June 2013 as part of next year's Alumni Weekend.

Planning continues but the success and feedback from our Engineers' Lunches of the last few years have encouraged us to book the Great Hall for 2013 . To make this as unforgettable as possible we will be encouraging reunions with memorabilia displays so start looking out your cuttings, photos and trophies to bring. Copying facilities will be conveniently laid on so you will not lose originals and good times can be shared.

As well as an occasion to meet old friends we are are promoting the thought “Imagine a world without the achievements of King's Engineers” so contributions to this theme are also welcome.

Lunch will be in the Great Hall and following that there will be an opportunity for everyone  to gain a better understanding of today's work. The Great Hall will then be open to all for reunions and we will display a time line from 1838  with significant happenings for King's and King's Engineers. We will host a drop in Engineers' Tea Party for all comers who will be invited to join us to gain a better appreciation of the activities which have been incubated in the depths of the Strand and spread around the world. A quiz in a more traditional Engineers' meeting place will be arranged for those wishing to continue into the evening.

More details will be forthcoming but please book the day in your diaries, contact your friends and look out your nostalgia.

King's Engineer Issue 7 out now!
posted: October 19 2012

The 7th issue of King's Engineer, KCLEA's newsletter, is out now. It will be distributed with the next edition of In Touch, the College's Alumni magazine. If you don't receive In Touch, contact the Alumni Office now to have your address added to their mailing list. King's Engineer 7 is available here to download (PDF).

Institute of Telecommunications
posted: July 09 2012

Yesterday Professor Mike Walker OBE announced that the College was in the final stage of seeking approval from the Academic Board for an "Institute of Telecommunications" within the School of Natural & Mathematic Sciences.

The Institute will be based on the existing Centre for Telecommunications Research, elevated to an Institute in order to make it more prominent and better positioned to respond to the increasing demand for research and teaching from the telecommunications sector.  It will provide postgraduate, undergraduate and executive training programmes, and undertake research in telecommunications systems and their applications.

The Institute will be governed and operate as a department within the School, under the leadership of Professor Hamid Aghvami, who will be the first director of the Institute. We intend an official start date of the 1st August 2012, although this is subject to receiving official sanction.  A formal launch will in any event not occur before the autumn.

Mike Clode (President KCLEA)

Engineering Society WWI Roll of Honour
posted: April 26 2012

Dear Engineers,

As you may know since the commencement of the "South Range Project" about seven years ago the Engineering Society WWI Roll of Honour has been in the College archive. I am pleased to tell you that the Principal's Office have agreed to it being re-dedicated and erected in the old "A" Corridor where Electronic Engineering had labs for many years.

The Principal's Office have also agreed to fund the cost of a plaque to explain why the memorial is in the basement.

I wonder if some of you could help with dates and locations etc to fill in the blanks of my proposed wording below.

I assume from 1952 The Memorial was somewhere in the Quad Labs and from 1973 to about 1999 it was in 3rd Basement of Macadam however where and exactly when it was first erected I just don't know.
Proposed wording for the plaque:

The Roll of Honour above this plaque was commissioned by the Engineering Society after the First World War.
It was originally located ????? and after a number of moves was archived at the commencement of the "South Range Project" in 2005.
The Roll of Honour was re-sited here as many Engineering Research Laboratories were located on this corridor from 19?? - To - 2005
The Roll of Honour was unveiled by ???????????? at a rededication ceremony 0n ?/?/ 2012

Thanks for any information or suggestions regarding the memorial.


Dr. Mike Clode

PS. If anyone has any information about the possible existance/location of a WWII Roll of Honour, please let me know.

If you think you can help, please contact the President

Guy's surgeon requests help with 3D microscope
posted: February 13 2012

KCLEA has received an unusual request for help, from Guy's Hospital:

“Hi, I'm one of the surgeons at Guys. We use an operating microscope which was fitted with a 3D camera system when new in 1999. The system broke 5 years ago, and the manufacturer, Leica, say that they do not support this machine (only 6 were made as a trial). Do you think anyone in your engineering community might be able to help us with this or know someone who could? Its not as simple as fitting a new camera as the camera is integrated into the microscope, taking a feed from each eyepiece.  Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated.”

If anyone thinks they might be able to help, or offer advice, please contact the President or the Webmaster.

Industry in Welwyn Garden City from 1920
posted: October 25 2011

Tony Skottowe writes:

Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust is making a bid for funding to support a project researching the industrial heritage of the town and its impact on town planning worldwide.

If any members have knowledge of, or worked in/with companies located in the town during its early period (1921-1951) we would be pleased to hear from them. Possibilities involve audio recording of recollections, written materials, photographs, product data, working practices etc.

I am happy to discuss the background and aims of the project. If anyone would like to sponsor any aspect of the work we would be delighted to hear from them!

Contact Tony at

King's Engineer Issue 6 out now!
posted: October 06 2011

The 6th issue of King's Engineer, KCLEA's newsletter, is out now. It will be distributed with the next edition of In Touch, the College's Alumni magazine. If you don't receive In Touch, contact the Alumni Office now to have your address added to their mailing list. King's Engineer 6 is available here to download (PDF).

King's Engineer Issue 5 out now!
posted: May 05 2011

The 5th issue of King's Engineer, KCLEA's newsletter, is out now. It will be distributed with the next edition of In Touch, the College's Alumni magazine. If you don't receive In Touch, contact the Alumni Office now to have your address added to their mailing list. King's Engineer 5 is available here to download (PDF).

2011 Events and visits announced
posted: February 05 2011

The Event list for 2011 is now available here. This year we have the pleasure of trips to the Mid-Hants Railway (the Watercress Line), Kew Bridge Steam Museum and the Musical Museum, the Hog's Back Brewery, Kempton Steam Engine Trust and of course the Annual KCLEA Lunch. We hope to see you at one or more of these events.

King's Engineer Issue 4 out now!
posted: November 02 2010

The 4th issue of King's Engineer, KCLEA's newsletter, is out now. It will be distributed with the next edition of In Touch, the College's Alumni magazine. If you don't receive In Touch, contact the Alumni Office now to have your address added to their mailing list. King's Engineer 4 is available here to download (PDF).

2010 Annual General Meeting
posted: October 15 2010

Friday 26 November 2010, 18:00 in the Strand Building This will be the first AGM since we expanded the membership to all King's Engineering alumni rather than the earlier restricted subscription-paying membership. We look forward to seeing you on 26th, when drinks and nibbles will be served before adjourning to Salieri's in the Strand for a sociable meal.

BBC TV Centre visit, 14th August 2010
posted: August 30 2010

On 14 August a group of 15 KCLEA members with partners and friends visited the BBC TV Centre at White City. They were guided around the centre by actors Zoe and Anthony who gave life to largely empty buildings. An August weekend is clearly a quiet time at the studios. The guides were very successful in getting across the essential flavour of the BBC and its current modus operandi in as little as a couple of hours.

The visit included the extensive news facilities, large studios, the weather centre, the odd celebrity anecdote and asides on BBC politics. Our tour was shared with a family group and the young people, to the relief of the more reserved engineers, took impressive advantage of the opportunities for making a newscast and quiz show.

Of particular interest and some enthusiastic discussion was the revelation that the production of just about all shows are outsourced and that BBC studio time is charged out to the production company in competition with private facilities. The empty spaces lead us to question the supposedly free market economics that have been imposed. It was not clear how the licence payer benefited.

All who attended enjoyed the visit and thanks are due to Keith Newton for the excellent arrangements.

Graham Raven, 21/08/2010

Hon. Editor Volunteers in Armenia
posted: June 24 2010

Our Hon. Editor, Nigel Sharp, has taken the slightly unusual step of spending some time on a volunteer scheme in Armenia. He explains himself in this video.

KCLEA London Walk Cancelled
posted: May 18 2010

This year's London Walk, from St. James' Park to Holland Park, has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

UPDATED: King's Engineer Issue 3 coming soon!
posted: April 12 2010

The 3rd issue of King's Engineer, KCLEA's newsletter, is currently at the printer. It will be distributed with the next edition of In Touch, the College's Alumni magazine. If you don't receive In Touch, contact the Alumni Office now to have your address added to their mailing list.

UPDATE: King's Engineer 3 is now available here.

King's Engineer now available online
posted: March 04 2010

The King's Engineer, KCLEA's newsletter, is now available here. All Issues are available to download and there is an archive of previous newsletters.

KCLEA goes 'Social'
posted: February 06 2010

KCLEA now has a Twitter account! We will tweet any updates to the website, along with event reminders and other news, so follow us here. Don't forget you can also follow us by joining our Facebook Group.

Hook Norton Brewery visit details announced
posted: February 05 2010

Two visits have been arranged to tour the Brewery at Hook Norton. The first is on Saturday, 11th September, starting at 11 am; the second is on Wednesday, 15th September, starting at 2pm. There will be an opportunity to sample the products of the brewery at the end of the visit.

Hook Norton Brewery was established in 1849 and is a traditional Victorian ‘tower’ brewery in which all the stages of the brewing process flow logically downwards from floor to floor. The brewing process is powered by steam, using the last commercially working open crank stationary steam engine in the UK.

There are local pubs where a meal can be obtained either before or after the visit and, for the energetic, one of the pubs has a skittle alley.

For further details see the Events page.

Engineers' Lunch details announced
posted: February 05 2010

The Engineers' reunion lunch is once again timed to coincide with the Alumni weekend. It will be held in the Strand Campus of King's College.

London Walk details announced
posted: February 05 2010

The London Walk 2010 takes place on Saturday 22nd May, from St. James' Park to Holland Park.

13 Club Trophy awarded to Prof. Earles
posted: January 28 2010

At the 2009 AGM the President, Dr. Norman Borrett, presented the 13 Club Trophy to Professor Stanley Earles. In presenting the trophy Dr. Borrett highlighted Stanley’s record of service to the Division of Engineering and the KCLEA.

He was Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering from 1976 to 1994 and was no stranger to King's when he was appointed in 1976, as he had been a student here, graduated with first class honours and was awarded the Jelf Medal in 1953.

He was Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and was the first Head of the School of Physical Sciences and Engineering. He was appointed a Fellow of King's College in 1993.

Of particular note at the present time is that, when Mechanical Engineering was to be phased out in the early 1990s, he fought a strong rearguard action which saved the Department (at least for around 18 years). He deserves praise for the fact that, if it had not been saved, there was a Plan B as he had arranged positions at University College for most, if not all, of the academic staff in the Department.

King's Engineer Issue 2
posted: January 28 2010

The second issue of King's Engineer was distributed with the Autumn 2009 issue of In Touch magazine and you can download a copy from this link - King's Engineer Issue 2 (PDF-2.9MB). Congratulations and thanks to Nigel Sharp for putting it together. For more information about King's Engineer or to submit a story for publication please contact the Hon. Editor.

KCLEA Committee uses video conferencing technology
posted: January 28 2010

The January 2010 meeting of the KCLEA Committee was a watershed event, as one Committee member was able to attend from afar using a video conference link over the internet.

At the 2009 AGM Gerry Lawrence, the Webmaster for KCLEA, retired after many years of exceptional service. He was replaced by Alistair Steger-Lewis, previously a Committee member in the 1990s, who now lives on the west coast of Ireland.

"I am delighted to be rejoining the Committee and look forward to playing my part in shaping KCLEA's online presence. Attending the Committee meetings is going to be rather difficult, though!" commented Alistair on his election.

Always ready to rise to a challenge and being engineers of high calibre, the Committee soon came up with a solution. A video camera and projector were set up in the meeting room and, as if by magic, Al's ghostly image was able to float over proceedings. What interesting times we live in!

Videoconferencing comes to KCLEA Committee meetings
L-R: Nigel Sharp (Hon. Editor) and Norman Borrett (President) overseen by Al Steger-Lewis (Webmaster)

KCLEA Medals, Prizes & Bursaries 2009
posted: January 28 2010

At the 2009 AGM Dr. Mike Clode announced the winners of 5 Bursaries, 4 Prizes and 5 Medals as follows:

KCLEA Bursaries (2008/9) Lynda Nwike
Ahmed Abubakar
Terence Lo Bursaries (2008/9) Babatope Olajide
Maryam Torshizi
Albert Cheung Bursary (2008/9) Tarek Najm
KCLEA Progress Prize Shad Deen
Kevin Nash Memorial Prizes Jamie Suarez
Stanislav Hahn
Qi Ian Poon
KCLEA Medals Seyed Ghaffar
Manuel Chagan
Joaquim Gueirreiro Da Costa
Fahad Dilib
Joseph Sherwood

2008 AGM Presentation
posted: January 28 2010

Panayiotis Kolios receiving his KCLEA Medal at the 2008 AGM presented to him by Keith Newton, President.
Richard Ponting accepting the 13 Club Trophy and paying tribute to the late Bernard Tierney. Also in the picture are Messrs Besley and da Silva, engineers from 1974.

KCLEA Announces Free Membership
posted: January 28 2010

The November 2008 AGM, as reported on the Events page took some important decisions, and Norman Borrett the current President writes about the exciting new changes in the latest Newsletter. Here is an extract.

"The main change is that subscriptions are being reduced to zero and all engineering alumni are automatically entitled to be ordinary members of the Association. Reducing subscriptions to zero means that our annual income which is used essentially to serve the student body by providing bursaries, prizes and supporting KCLES events could be a risk. However, we hope that all existing members and many 'new members' will feel that they can support our activities in the future by giving donations."

The Newsletter was sent out with the Spring 2009 issue of In Touch magazine, and you may download a copy of it from this link - King's Engineer Issue 1 (PDF-928KB).

Existing Members are invited to continue to pay to the KCLEA a sum of at least £10 per annum as your donation to the General Fund, in order for the Association to continue supporting the current student body.

The General Fund and the Life Member Fund are also being used to "pump-prime" the two bursaries, which it is hoped will become self-funded in the course of time through the generosity of KCLEA members who donate directly into the Bursary Account. Please note that if you support the King's College Annual Giving Fund, it is possible for you to Gift Aid your donation and ask for it to be directed towards the Engineering Student Bursaries.