Calling all Engineering Alumni of King’s College London – KCLEA needs your help

KCLEA wants to recognise and celebrate the many achievements of King’s engineers. As you know, KCLEA’s past president W.O. Skeat documented the history of engineering at King’s up to 1957, and we are now beginning the task of extending our history to the present day. Many of you brought your memories and memorabilia to our Celebration Lunch last year and this is a small start but we wish to formalise and extend the search.

We are asking for your help, by recalling your time at King’s and sharing the most memorable moments with us. Please take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire below, so that we can incorporate your experiences into the next chapter of the history of KCLEA.

Please add as much detail as you like to your answers.

Thank you in advance for your help with our project.

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What was the most memorable event during your time at King’s and why? :
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Which member of the King’s staff or student bodies had the most beneficial impact on you and why? :
What do you think are the key legacies of your studies at King’s? :
How has your career evolved since leaving King’s? :
Share with us your favourite career highlights. :
What’s next in your life plan? :
Additionally we would love to hear about any notable people and achievements you are able to bring to our attention connected with the KCLEA or King's not covered in your responses. We hope the results of our survey lead to some varied and interesting discussions and events, and – ultimately – some kind of publication about KCLEA’s ongoing history.
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