Kings Engineer Bulletin Issue 1

King's Engineer Bulletin Issue 1 is available here to download


Annual Bursaries

There are two KCLEA funded bursaries, to the value of £1000 each, which are awarded to second and/or third year students in the Division of Engineering. Students must formally apply using not more than 500 words, and the award is based on the following criteria:

  • Academic performance
  • Contribution made to the Engineering Society (KCLES) and the student body in general
  • Vacation work
  • Intended career
  • Hardship
  • The presentation of the Application

The awards are decided by a panel consisting of academic staff from the Division of Engineering and committee members of KCLEA, together with a non-voting input from the student body.

The Terence Lo Engineering Bursaries are two awards kindly funded directly by Terence Lo (Mech. Eng. Graduate 1983), and the Albert Cheung Bursary is kindly funded by Albert Cheung (Mech. Eng. Graduate 1983). These are also worth £1000 each and are awarded by the same panel, and based on the same criteria as the KCLEA awards.